REKLIM Workshop, 29. - 30. March 2011, Bremerhaven

General Information Venue: Alfred Wegener Institute, Am Alten Hafen 26, 27568 Bremerhaven, Building D, Lecture Hall /Hörsaal (map/locations...). At the central station Bremerhaven, you can take bus lines 502, 505, 506, 508 or 509 and exit at the bus stop “Hochschule Bremerhaven”. Poster format: (DIN A0, upright format) WLAN: The primary wireless network at the Alfred Wegener Institute is "Eduroam" (for more information please contact your home institution) Preliminary Schedule (Overview) Tuesday, 29.03.2011 12:30h - 14:00h    Arrival and Registration
14:00h - 14:10h    Opening (P. Lemke)
14:10h - 15:50h    5 Talks (each 20min including 5min discussion)
15:50h - 16:20h    Coffee/tea break
16:20h - 18:00h    5 Talks (each 20min including 5min discussion)
18:00h - 18:30h    Evening meal
18:30h - 21:00h    Poster session Wednesday, 30.03.2011 09:00h - 10:40h    5 Talks (each 20min including 5min discussion)
10:40h - 11:10h    Coffee/tea break
11:10h - 11:40h    Keynote Lecture (R. Schwarze)
11:40h - 12:40h    3 Talks (each 20min including 5min discussion)
12:40h - 13:40h    Lunch/Poster session continued
13:40h - 14:20h    2 Talks (each 20min including 5min discussion)
14:20h - 15:00h    Plenary discussion
15:00h - 16:00h    Topic discussions Detailed schedule Preliminary list of posters --------------------------------------

Call REKLIM Workshop 29-30 March, Bremerhaven

Dear colleagues,
we are happy to invite you to the first REKLIM workshop which will take place
at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Tuesday, 29 March 2011 – Wednesday, 30 March 2011. The aim of the REKLIM workshop is to foster the exchange and communication between the different groups and topics, working within the framework of REKLIM, and to initiate a scientific discussion on possible collaborations across the institutes/topics/etc. Especially the PhDs and PostDocs are welcome to present their work and results in talks and posters. The REKLIM workshops will take place on a regularly bases once a year, on half-time to the REKLIM conferences. Since we have 7 topics not everybody can give a talk, unfortunately.
So we kindly ask you to send us the following information until 31 January 2011:
Name: Topic: Work Package: I intend to give a talk: yes/no, (provisional title, if known) I intend to give a poster: yes/no, (provisional title, if known) I intend to participate with no presentation:
The workshop will officially start on 29 March, 14:00h and will end on 30 March, 15:30-16:00 so that travel is possible at the same days in most cases.
We made reservations at some Hotels in Bremerhaven (see list). The contingent for special prices is open until 4 February 2011. Please make you own bookings.
If you need further help we are happy to assist.   We are looking forward to an interesting and fruitful workshop. With best wishes, Peter Lemke, Klaus Grosfeld and Marietta Weigelt (