Outcomes of the REKLIM-DEKRA Media Project 2014

Live-Blog and Best of Day Videos

Students from the Journalism degree programme accompanied the conference directly on-site in October 2014. They developed and were responsible for their own ’conference blog’, the goal being to provide constant coverage of the event and post the resulting journalistic pieces on the project website on a daily basis. In this way, members of the public were given the chance to join in the conference activities ’live’ and submit their own comments and questions. This took place in the form of interviews, reports, commentaries, photos and ’Best of Day’ videos, which summarised the highlights of the respective conference days in segments ranging from four to six minutes in length. The students received valuable support from a professional online journalist and a professional video maker, who were responsible for quality assurance and remained on board for the duration of the conference in case any questions concerning the editing process arose. Above all, this ’real-world’ experience during their studies represented a major enrichment and invaluable learning experience for the participating students.

Trailer for the films and the conference

Drawing inspiration from the globe used in the conference logo, a student from the Television & Film programme created an animation in which a cloud of fragments – representing regionalisation – coalesce to form the Earth. Used in the opening credits of each mini-documentary film, it provided a common thematic link, underscoring the fact that, despite considerable differences in the manifestations of regional climate changes, a common problem remains. The conference organisers later chose to use the trailer on the big screen in the main hall, to open the conference.