REKLIM Scientific Workshop 2024

Synthesizing regional aspects of climate change


14th REKLIM Workshop, 12 - 14 March 2024, Hotel Aqualux, Bad Salzschlirf

The Cross-Cutting-Activity (CCA) REKLIM (Helmholtz Climate Initiative „Regional Climate Change and Humans”) invites to its 14th annual science workshop from 12th – 14th March, 2024, in Bad Salzschlirf near Fulda.

Climate change at regional levels is what people experience and are most affected from. Globally, the year 2023 was the world's warmest since 1881 (the first year with a reasonable coverage of individual measurements) and was 1.4 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. In Germany, the average annual temperature was even 2.4 degrees Celsius above the value of the internationally valid reference period. In light of such significant global and national changes REKLIM addresses in six subject areas the regional modifications of important components of the climate system and how those impact people's everyday lives.

The aim of this year's workshop is to bring together diverse research results from different components and regions, and to further develop and synthesize these “regional aspects” for a stakeholder-oriented transfer. How can the science be made more usable, where do we still have knowledge/research gaps, how can we pool our knowledge in order to make the best possible use of it for the benefit of society?

We want to discuss and develop these questions with you at the workshop along the six REKLIM topics:

RT1: Drivers and coastal impacts of sea level rise

RT2: Coupled regional modeling

RT3: Extreme events across temporal and spatial scales

RT4: Atmospheric composition including greenhouse gases

RT5: Regional cultures of response to climate change and extreme events

RT6: Land surfaces and their feedback mechanisms

The workshop format varies between oral and poster presentations, plenary and break-out group discussions in a lively workshop atmosphere aiming to connect scientists within the one research program “Changing Earth – Sustaining our Future”.

Young scientists are encouraged to apply for travel grants as soon as possible. Details can be found on the form: Travel grant application form (PDF).

Deadline for application is 16 February, 2024.

We are looking forward to meeting you to discuss and exchange ideas, try to build new partnerships and networks and to invigorate the REKLIM environment. 

With best regards,

Peter Braesicke and Klaus Grosfeld


Registration to the workshop is open. The program is updated continuously on our workshop website and keynotes will be announced beginning of March.

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The workshop is scheduled to start as follows:
Tuesday, 12 March
12:30 h - 14:00 h, Arrival and Registration, Lunch
14:30 h  Opening

The workshop will end on Thursday, 14 March at approx. 2 p.m.

Workshop Registration

Travel grants

Download Application form for a travel grant (PDF)
to the 14th REKLIM Workshop, 12 – 14 March, 2024 in Bad Salzschlirf

Information on presentations

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The time allocated to each talk is 20 minutes (including 5 min. discussion) +++

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