The klimafit Challenge

klimafit is aimed at citizens interested in helping their towns or communities to become more climate friendly. The participants already start doing this during the course: the klimafit Challenge shows how anyone can reduce their CO2 emissions by making minor changes in their habits, such as what they eat, how they heat their homes and how they travel. Even small changes in our daily lives can help protect the climate.

The klimafit Challenge was introduced in Project Phase Three, and is a core element of the course. It aims to motivate participants to become involved in climate protection and to take action. Furthermore, it can be used to calculate the effects that concrete measures have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The klimafit Challenge can be used to calculate reductions in personal emissions.

The klimafit Challenge features 15 climate protection measures to cut greenhouse-gas emissions in areas like energy, mobility and diet, which the participants can implement on their own, or with family and friends. Each of the measures cuts greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore actively contributes to climate protection. Participants can select their favourite(s) from among the 15 climate protection challenges. With just small changes in the way we eat, heat our homes or how we travel, we can cut CO2 emissions. The measures can easily be integrated into daily life, making climate protection child’s play. The challenges can be selected from these areas:

During the course, the participants complete the klimafit Challenge together. This gives them the opportunity to share their ideas and motivate one another. After all, climate protection is a job for everyone! During the sessions, time is set aside for group work, where the participants can have fun completing the klimafit Challenge together. At the end of the course, they each calculate how much they have reduced their greenhouse-gas emissions by completing the Challenge. The klimafit team can then calculate the total reduction in emissions achieved through the courses held at all community colleges in 2021.
By the way, you can also participate in the klimafit Challenge outside the courses: individual groups such as clubs, schools or companies are also welcome to take part. You can find more information on the klimafit Challenge and how to take part here.

Limit climate change. Take concrete action: This is what the klimafit Challenge looks like:


How do you get from A to B?

Calculate the advantages that bicycles offer over cars and discover how traveling by air affects our planet.


What’s your diet like?

At least three times a day, your food choices influence your carbon footprint.


What’s plugged in to your power socket?

Identify electricity guzzlers, and find out how you can actively save energy.