Our Sponsors

Since 1964, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has continued the social and community commitment of the industrialist, engineer and inventor Robert Bosch. With a focus on ‘research for sustainability’, the foundation supports, among others, transdisciplinary networks that promote science for sustainability in order to build ‘bridges between science and society’.

In 1995, the physicist and joint founder of SAP, Klaus Tschira (1940 – 2015), established the Klaus Tschira Stiftung using private funding. Today, the KTS is one of the largest foundations in Europe. It supports the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science and aims to increase appreciation of these disciplines. The Klaus Tschira Stiftung’s support is reflected in the three areas education, research and science. It attaches particular importance to new ways of conveying and classifying scientific topics. The KTS is active in childcare facilities, schools, universities, research institutes and its own institutes throughout Germany. For over 20 years, individuals both within and outside the Klaus Tschira Stiftung have been working to achieve these goals.

The Deutsche Postcode Lotterie has sponsored our Hubs in NRW and Freiburg and supported offices in two of our key regions since 2020. With a lottery ticket, players not only have the chance of winning money, but can do something for a good cause at the same time: 30 percent of the ticket price goes to social and ecological projects throughout Germany. As such, participants in the Postcode Lotterie make a real difference: they support both large and small organisations in their region.