Project Phase 3 – course expansion to Central Germany and continuation in Northern and Southern Germany

Following the successful implementation of the climate-fit (klimafit) course at 15 sites in Southwest and Northern Germany in the spring semester of 2019, the project’s third phase began. In this phase, the previous course concept was adapted on the basis of the evaluations submitted by course participants from Phase 2, in order to better tailor it to the needs of students and instructors alike. After the course’s successful expansion to Northern Germany, in the context of Phase 3 climate-fit (klimafit) will for the first time be offered in Central Germany and Southeast Germany, in an attempt to raise awareness for climate change, climate protection and climate adaptation among the citizens in these regions.

After the six sites covered in Project Phase 1, and the 15 sites in Phase 2, in Phase 3 the climate-fit (klimafit) course will be offered in 34 cities. Just as in the past, the adult-education course will be supported by local climate protection managers, as well as regional institutions and initiatives with extensive experience concerning climate protection and adaptation. The goals for Project Phase 3 are:

  • to further develop the concept of an adult-education course on local climate protection and climate adaptation for Central Germany on a region-specific basis,
  • to evaluate the course at a total of 36 sites in Northern, Southern and Central Germany,
  • to offer the course in several regions simultaneously, in order to gain practical experience with implementing climate-fit (klimafit) nationwide,
  • to intensively collaborate with the Hubs in Southern and Northern Germany, and to develop additional Hubs.