Project phase 2 – Expansion to Northern Germany and Continuation of Courses in Southwest Germany

After the successful rollout of the climate-fit (klimafit) course at various community colleges throughout Southwest Germany in the winter semester 2017/2018, the second project phase commenced. In this phase, the focus was on revising the original course concept, using the evaluation results and the outcomes of the Stakeholder Workshop in June 2018 in Hamburg to do so; and on expanding the course to coastal regions in Northern Germany. In the spring of 2019, a total of seven North German cities offered climate-fit (klimafit) at their community colleges. By offering the course in these regions, the goal was to reach the citizens there, so as to enhance their awareness for climate change and its impacts, and make them climate-fit (klimafit). In addition, eight cities in Southwest Germany once again participated. In the spring of 2019 the community colleges in several new and ‘old’ cities in Southwest Germany offered the climate-fit (klimafit) course.

The course climate-fit (klimafit) is accompanied and supported by municipal climate protection officers, regional institutions and initiatives that have extensive experience in the areas climate protection and climate adaptation. The lessons learned during project phase 2 will be used to adapt the course for its third phase, focusing on the key region Central Germany, and to implement climate-fit (klimafit) nationwide.

The goals of project phase 2 included:

  • refining the course concept for continuing education on municipal climate protection on a region-specific basis for Northern Germany,
  • testing the modified concept with a stronger digital focus in regions with varying structural and geographic conditions,
  • evaluating the course at 15 sites in Northern and Southwest Germany, and
  • simultaneously offering the course in different regions, to gain experience in providing climate-fit (klimafit) on a nationwide basis.