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REKLIM Contact climate-fit

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Dr Renate Treffeisen

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Anabel Küst

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Marietta Weigelt

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WWF Contact klimafit

Project lead climate-fit
Nadja Kulikowa
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Hanna Sand

Kay Neumann

What the Initiators and Cooperation Partners Say


“With the participants of the climate-fit (klimafit) courses, cities and municipalities have gained new multipliers for local climate protection who understand the impacts of climate change in the region, what climate-adaptation measures the local authorities have planned, and what they themselves can do to protect the climate. As a result, municipalities and the citizens can become ‘climate-fit’ together.”

Bettina Münch Epple, WWF

“Given the far-reaching consequences of climate change right on our doorstep, it’s becoming increasingly important to be informed about the effects and the opportunities for climate adaptation: regions in southwest Germany in particular are already seriously affected by global warming. Extreme weather events like heavy rain and long heat waves have long ceased to be a rarity there.”

Dr Klaus Grosfeld, Managing director REKLIM, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research

Cooperation Partners

As venues that can shape the future through dialogue and networking, community colleges are responsible for embedding and implementing sustainability climate goals in the community, and by supporting the climate-fit (klimafit) project play a key role in reinforcing climate protection on the ground.

By making citizens aware of climate change at the local level, and developing concrete options for action, the klimafit courses are a valuable contribution towards creating sustainable municipalities – and the community colleges, with their nationwide networks, are ideal partners when it comes to their implementation.

Julia von Westerholt, Verbandsdirektorin des Deutschen Volkshochschul-Verbands e.V. (DVV) (Director of the German Adult Education Association)