Course sites

New and old course sites alike will be made ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) – Central Germany also introduces the ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) course

In 2020, the course will be offered at 36 sites – throughout Southern and Northern Germany and, for the first time, also in Central Germany. The sites, in alphabetical order, are:

Bad Krozingen, Berlin, Bernau bei Berlin, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Bühl (Landkreis Rastatt), Eckernförde, Emden, Emmendingen, Ettlingen, Frankenthal, Freiburg i. B., Greifswald, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Heilbronn, Itzstedt, Kehl, Kiel, Konstanz, Leer, Leipzig, Lörrach, Lüneburg, Mannheim, Neumünster, Offenburg, Reinbek, Rostock, Schopfheim, Schwarzenbek, Sinsheim, Unterhaching, Wildeshausen and Winsen a. d. Luhe.

The list of course sites is also available at the WWF Germany website.

This year, some sites will be offering the ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) course for the second or third consecutive year; for the city of Emmendingen, near Freiburg, 2020 marks the fourth year in a row. The adult-education course is intended for all citizens who want to help make their city or community ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) – no matter whether they are decision-makers in municipal politics, directly affected parties like farmers, or interested members of the general public. Registrations can be made through their local participating community college.