‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) for interested community colleges or course leaders

Are you interested in offering ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) at your local community college? Or would you like to be a course leader for ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) at community colleges, giving you the opportunity to convey essential information on global and regional climate change, climate protection and adaptation to the effects of climate change in an adult education setting?  

In the spring of 2020 the next round of ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) courses will be offered at cities throughout Northern, Southern and Central Germany.

If you are interested in being a course leader, or for further information on the concept and format, please contact our ‘climate-fit’ (‘klimafit’) partners: ecolo - Agentur für Ökologie und Kommunikation or the ifpro - Institut für Fortbildung und Projektmanagement.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Northern Germany: klimafit@ecolo-bremen.de, contact partners: Jürgen Ritterhoff and Claudia Körner
Southern Germany
: klimafit@ifpro.de, contact partner: Wulf Westermann