Art and Landscape Form – Permafrost in Transformation

In the 2015/2016 school year, roughly 200 students from classes 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 at the Wilhelmsburg School in Hamburg began an art project coordinated by teacher Gundi Wiemer on ’permafrost in climate change’, incorporating one of REKLIM’s many regional research topics into their school day in the process. In addition to project work during the weekly class, the participants worked intensively on the different pieces on selected project days. The results were exhibited at the International Conference on Permafrost in Potsdam (ICOP2016) in June 2016. The project is part of the long-standing cooperation with the Maritime Centre Elbe Islands. The project’s outcomes included...

... a model for a spatial installation, in which drawing reproduced using a collage technique were hung on the walls and in stylistically designed water drops;

... an animated film based on drawings and photographic material specially prepared for the project;

... a small book that concisely describes the artistic concept.

Photos: Angela Dietz

Further information

Brief Interview with the Coordinator of the Project “Art and Landscape Form – Permafrost in Transformation” at the Wilhelmsburg School, Art Teacher Gundi Wiemer (interviewed by Angela Dietz)

Brief Report on the "Permafrost Projects Days" at the Wilhelmsburg School, Art Teacher Gundi Wiemer (interwiewed by Angela Dietz)

Animated film, created as part of the project and incorporating specially constructed visual material. the film