Capacity Building

REKLIM cooperates with a variety of partners in the context of capacity building, which is an essential component of knowledge transfer. The projects, which are individually planned with each cooperation partner, are intended to promote capacity building, e.g. by forming and accumulating knowledge, skills, engagement and structures among the target groups, and in so doing to provide effective support in diverse areas (school, university etc.) of education.

Art and Landscape Form – Permafrost in Transformation

In the 2015/2016 school year, roughly 200 students from classes 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 at the Wilhelmsburg School in Hamburg began an art project coordinated by teacher Gundi Wiemer on ’permafrost in climate change’, incorporating one of REKLIM’s many regional research topics into their school day in the process. In addition to project work during the weekly class, the participants worked intensively on the different pieces on selected project days. The results were exhibited at the International Conference on Permafrost in Potsdam (ICOP2016) in June 2016.
The project is part of the long-standing cooperation with the Maritime Centre Elbe Islands. You can read more here... 

PR Practical Seminar in the Degree Programme Public Relations and Communication Studies at the FU Berlin

In 2016 REKLIM began collaborating with Dr Tong-Jin Smith, an instructor for the degree programme ’Public Relations and Communication Studies’ at the FU Berlin. The goal: by working together with external partners on a concrete project with real-world applicability, students gain valuable practical experience and the chance to put the theory they have learned into practice. As an example of this collaboration, the platform ’’ was selected: the first German-language information platform on sea ice, and a project jointly initiated by the Helmholtz Climate Initiative REKLIM and University of Bremen. The platform has been extremely well received. In the context of their final papers, the Journalism students explore which journalistic tools can be used to boost the portal’s appeal and get more people interested in its content and the topic of sea ice under climate change. You can read more here...