Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer and Dialogue Processes with Society at Large

REKLIM especially focuses on two areas that are vital to modern research: knowledge transfer, and dialogue processes with society at large. In this context, the goal of knowledge transfer is to achieve an open dialogue between the scientific community and society with regard to the findings produced by REKLIM, and to provide the best available scientific evidence so that it can be used as the basis for societal actors’ decision-making processes. Accordingly, the scientific outcomes of REKLIM will be contextualised, tailored to the needs of the respective actors, and made available in a broad range of formats, channels, instruments and activities. Special emphasis will be placed on working together with the scientific community to jointly develop and implement new ideas. Another important aspect: this process is bound to yield new research questions, which will inform and enrich the REKLIM network’s own research efforts.
REKLIM works within the scientific community and beyond on...

...making scientific findings useful for diverse target groups;

...promoting innovative approaches in the context of knowledge transfer;

...the dialogue between the scientific community and the public through a broad range of activities, transfer services and processes;

...the interface between external partners and the scientific community;

...helping shape structures for cooperation between the public and the scientific community;

...supporting the practice-oriented education of young people in a range of fields;

...integrating impulses from the public into REKLIM’s research activities.